My 5 Must Haves...

So many times, people in my chair ask how and why I like certain products. And 'Yes' those things have changed through the years because my hair and skin routine have changed through the years and also the quality of products and ingredients used. at this stage, these five products are essential to my "Life"...

1. Wet Flex Brush

I like all of my Wet Brushes, but I use the Flex Brush more than the rest for the length and condition of my hair. It "flexes" with my head's shape and the tangles that develop from washing, blow-drying, styling, etc. This brush has multiple flexing directions to manipulate the hair in a smoother state faster than even the Original Detangler.

2. CND Solar Oil

Solar oil is a water-based oil that is great at conditioning cuticles and achieving and maintaining the perfect moisture balance in your nail, helping to promote growth and hardness with the right amount of flexibility. I apply this oil every night at bedtime, so it has the best chance to balance moisture, as most of us wash our hands or use hand sanitizer so much now during COVID. Swipe with the little built-in brush around the nail on the top and one drop under the free edge of the nail and Voila! A healthy nail!

3. Lis'n Shampagne Shampoo

It smells incredible and produced in Southern Minnesota! So this "Keep It Local" choice was hard to narrow down as I enjoy many of their products. I love how my hair feels since I started using this shampoo. It has companion keratins that penetrate the hair shaft and add strength and protection. It's super concentrated and has a rich and luxurious lather that is incredibly easy to rinse out. My hair never feels heavy after using this, as it is paraben-free, Gluten-free, and sulfate-free and derived from Farm to Fashion ingredients. And, oh, did I mention it smells fabulous?

4. Crack Habit Forming Hair Fix Styling Cream

Many of you know the story behind me being a user and a dealer, but I genuinely believe that as long as this miracle worker is in production, and I have skin and hair, I will use it. I love to use the treatment on my hands as a lotion and my feet after a pedicure. Try it on your dry elbows for a great fix!

5. Boscia Charcoal Blotting Papers

These are an excellent item to tuck in your purse to keep you looking fresh and oil-free all day long. Now, as many of you know, I am not a big make-up wearer. But with the mask mandate, I use blotting papers more often. Charcoal blotting papers are great for lifting away impurities and detoxifying stressed skin. I have never had issues with acne, but I see more with the mask mandate. I use charcoal blotting papers on my breaks, and the problem seems to be resolving itself.

So there you have it. My top 5 must-have products I can't live without at the moment. But don't take my word for it, try them and see the improvements yourself. How much time you spend on your appearance, and the amount you invest will also lead to looking and FEELING better!

Don't be afraid to ask what I think would work best for you, and I will share my professional opinion with you and explain why those would be my choices. We are here to help you to be beautiful!

And don't forget we offer free shipping and in-store pick up when ordering online!

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