MASKNE - 6 Solutions to Minimize Acne Under Your Mask

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Maskne. By now you may have heard of it or at the very least have had it. is acne caused by the face masks we are wearing. It is a combination of sweat, oils, and bacteria trapped on your skin under your mask.

So what can be done?

First, quit wearing make-up such as foundation on your face. I know, I can hear my beauty school instructor cringing right at this moment, but when she told us that we had to wear make-up every day, even on our days off because it was unprofessional not to, we weren't in a pandemic. Now I am all for a little concealer on the eyes along with eyeliner and mascara and even eye shadow, but the need for contour and primer and foundation and concealer and powder is not necessary under your mask. it will only make matters worse.

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Second, cleanse your face daily...actually twice a day when possible. Make sure your cleanser is clarifying and purifying to clear your skin of the bacteria and oils that are problematic.

Third, I don't put anything on my skin after cleansing/masking until I know that my skin is truly dry. I don't need to trap anything into my clean skin. There are those out there how may have a different opinion than I do, but through experimentation, I have found this practice to be very beneficial.

Fourth, use an oil-free moisturizer on the mask area. I know, I understand that you have dry skin and it is flaky under the mask. Wrong, it is not dry flaky, it is chapped under the mask, causing the appearance of dry skin. What this actually is is unshed skin cells trying to come off the surface of your face. Understand that we brush these off on a regular basis when we touch our faces. Every person is constantly shedding their skin, and our facial skin is trapped by the mask. Oils under our masks can become sticky and clog pores more easily.

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Fifth, wash or dispose of your mask daily. I purchased a lingerie bag at the Dollar Tree and use one per person and toss them in with the clothes I am washing. I also add Lysol Laundry Sanitizer to any load that has masks in it.

Sixth, use a facial mask once a week to detoxify and deep clean your skin. Ok mom's, here is your chance. Take time for some self-care and enjoy a nice hot bath while using your mask. They make your skin feel oh so good.

Seventh, use the restroom to rest your face. Use a Charcoal blotting paper to absorb the sweat and oils. The charcoal has detoxifying properties that discourage bad bacteria from settling in the pores.

So what do I use? I recommend Pierre F products...again, like any professional line, these products are very concentrated and go a long way. I recommend Moisturizing Foaming Facial Cleanser. An 8 oz pump top bottle retails for $25. I know that sounds like a lot, but believe me when I tell you that it lasts a long time since a half pump is effective. I especially like their ProBiotic Daily Moisturizer. It is light and not heavy at all. It contains Inulin and deters harmful bacteria from the skin. Inulin is a beneficial bacteria that shields skin from blemishes, spots, and many other skin problems caused by harmful bacteria that lead to accelerated and premature aging. A 3.3 oz of the moisturizer is $21. Lastly, I like the ProBiotic Pore Clarifying Mask. It works on most skin types making it easy for families to limit products. It contains vitamin C and A, blended with Active Charcoal and ProBiotic Inulin, has a natural cleansing effect, and never leaves your skin dry. It helps restore hydration, adds elasticity, and leaves your skin supple and smooth. 5.9 oz retails for $19. Call and special order yours today!

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