Is It Safe?

As many of you know, this last week was the salons' latest COVID-19 challenge. And many are wondering if it is safe to come to the salon? The Answer: YES!

Our shut down last week was purely precautionary to get myself tested for COVID-19. While we have always had sanitation between clients and services, COVID-19 regulations have strengthened the sanitation procedures and are also the #1 reason that the salon's overall structure has changed.

According to the Minnesota Governors Stay Safe Plan, personal care services (such as hair salons) can reopen to provide services indoor as long as they:

  1. Have adopted and implemented a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

  2. Limit the number of clients inside the business at any time to ensure 6 feet of distance between persons except when providing services

  3. Limit occupant capacity to no more than 50% not to exceed 250 persons

  4. See clients by appointment only; do not allow walk-ins

  5. Require workers and clients to wear masks at all times

1. Have adopted and implemented a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

We have a comprehensive Covid-19 Preparedness plan in place, and it is one of the reasons I chose to shut down and get a COVID test done. Now understand that I have many sanitation procedures in place to protect not only you as a client but also me, too, so the chances of getting COVID here is extremely minimal. But if people are in the salon and have to blow their nose, or sneeze or cough, it extends the chances of COVID spread, so since two people that had contacted COVID had been clients in the last 14 days in the salon, I chose to have myself tested to be safe. These people didn't come in on purpose to spread the virus AND were symptom-free at the time of there appointments. Still, on the chance that like other viruses, it spreads 24 to 72 hours before having symptoms, I would rather miss a couple of days of income and know I am not positive than to be an asymptomatic carrier. Plus, this time of year gets complicated as I have allergies at harvest every year, so is it COVID, or is it allergies? It was allergies. I also take my temperature every morning before coming into work following the CDC Health Screening.

2. Limit the number of clients inside to maintain social distancing.

Now I was ahead of my time on this one. I remember several people telling me that I was "wasting space" by having the stations so far apart. Haha! The joke was on them! Another good reason to have stations spread apart. But in all honesty, who would have ever guessed we would have such a pandemic in our lives. The spacing of the stations has more to do with handicap accessibility than pandemics. But it leaves me the ability to have an opportunity to do two family members simultaneously or start on hair while waiting for someone to pick out their polish color on toes or fingers.

Every station is thoroughly disinfected with a hospital-grade, EPA approved disinfectant. Most of these disinfectants require the surface to remain wet for at least 10 minutes to ensure complete disinfecting, which is one reason I no longer take walk-ins at this time.

3. Limit occupant capacity to no more than 50% not to exceed 250 persons.

Well, since the salon is set up at nearly double the square footage required by law, and I am the only stylist, that is a given. (By the way, we are always looking for new talent at the salon. Know someone who is licensed and looking for a new career move? Send them my way!)

4. See clients by appointment only; do not allow walk-ins.

This is the one that has caused the most issues for the salon. Not being able to take walk-ins has brought a halt to 'Walk-In Fridays.' So until further notice, there will be no $8 Friday cuts.

This has become my worst nightmare as I have had people cuss and swear at me. I have even had one person threaten to shoot me because I am not providing 'Walk-In Fridays.' I CAN NOT afford to do $8 cuts at this point due to the additional sanitation procedures that we have in place. It is not fiscally responsible for keeping it in place due to the previous 12-week shutdown and extra sanitation expenses. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, I truly am, but I am a business. If I want to keep providing a service to my customers, I will have to cut specific specials for a while. Everyone's overhead expenses are rising, and they didn't quit charging me for basic lights and water while I was closed by the Governor Order for 12 weeks. Please remember the "Walk-In Fridays' was a special - not my standard cost, and I always took as many as possible as fast as they could walk in the door. It is out of my control.

5. Face Masks.

They are required everywhere in Minnesota at this point. PLEASE! Have

your face mask on before you come into the salon. If you do not have one, we will provide you with a disposable mask.

So...YES, you are safe!

Client Safety Precautions (What we need from you):

  1. Only the person with the appointment is allowed in the salon.

  2. No children of the client are permitted in the salon during an appointment.

  3. If the client is a child under 12 years old, one guardian may accompany them.

  4. You MUST have an appointment. Please call 507-235-5111 or book online.

I try to keep a few same-day appointments for small services available, so if you need something simple like a haircut or a simple brow wax, give us a call!

Additional Precautions:

1. Each station is shut down for 10 minutes between services to ensure full disinfection. We also spray all surfaces down every morning with Microban 24, which is supposed to kill germs and viruses 24 hours after application. This is IN ADDITION to our mandated disinfecting as an added layer of protection for our clients and staff.

2. Liquid Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance for ALL clients and employees to enter and leave the salon. Employees must wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before serving a client.

With that being said, we hope to see you again soon and hope YOU are taking the necessary precautions to remain safe as we find this "new normal." We hope to serve you for an additional 25 years!

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