I Want to Look Like Her!

I am a Beautician and not a Magician!

I often have customers come in with a celebrity pic at an awards show and think I can wave my magic wand, and they will look just like that until they decide not to or their hair grows too much. This is a dream...Have you seen some of these celebrities during COVID doing a Facebook Live or an IG video? They don't even look like that photo...The cold hard truth is, you are you, and they are who they are...your hair density and texture are more than likely total polar opposite, and you don't have a personal stylist that does your hair and make-up daily.

Many things need to be considered when choosing a "Look"...I will walk you through a typical consultation to find what meets YOUR needs, likes, and, most importantly, budget.

The first thing I typically ask is, "What do you LIKE about your hair?" Deep down, we together find something that we can use as a focal point of a new style. The next thing I ask is, "What about this style in the picture do you like?" Often it is the color or texture, and that gives us another step in the formula. I no longer extensions in the salon, so if your hair is short and spiked, and you want to look like Jennifer Aniston, it will definitely be a process that will take up to a couple of years, depending on your hair growth.

The Talk

Then, we have "The Talk"...this is where I bring in the facts of reality. "How much..." How much time are you willing to spend? More than 75% ask for an elaborate hairstyle that would take the average person an hour or more to get remotely close to the picture. When in reality, they want to spend 10 minutes or less on their hair. Fact: Not going to happen.

The other big talk we have is another "How much..." How much money are you willing to spend? Beauty isn't cheap. Now with that being said, remember I to try to do everything in my power to keep costs low in the salon, but if your hair is dark brown and you want platinum/silver-blonde, it will cost you some money and time...and will continue to cost time and money for upkeep.

We all know I am a Chatty Cathy, but before starting your service, the conversations I have with clients are to understand your lifestyle and commitment to what you are asking for. I am a mom, and the reality is if you're a mom of 3 kids, you aren't going to commit to a style that is going to take you 2 hours every day and a multiple hour visits to the salon a minimum of once a month.

Another question that gives me a lot of insight into what you want is: "When is the last time you really liked/loved your own hair? What about it did you like or love? The one thing that makes your crowning glory go from yuck to a million bucks is a little color or texture, and it's usually one of them, not both.

Now, something that amazes me is someone who is going to go the full 9 yards and spend the money on a totally new look and think it's going to take care of itself. Surprise! It won't... Your style needs attention and maintenance regularly and salon-quality products. If you want something edgy, you'll probably need a cut every 3 to 6 weeks, and intense colors need touch-ups every 4 weeks. A texture service will last 4-16 weeks...So plan on seeing me about once a month.

Why You Need To Buy Salon Products

Now let's talk about products. Many clients make the statement, "I wish I could take you home with me because I can never get my hair to look like this." Me at the front desk, "Which products do you need at home to duplicate today's look. These are the ones I used today..." I usually get 1 of 3 answers: "No, I am on my way to the store and can pick some up" or "I don't like to use all of that stuff in my hair" or "No thanks, it's expensive." And each of these answers is very real...but reality check...each of these replies is half-truths.

"I Can Get It Online or At The Store"

First and foremost, Let's look at each one: "I am on my way to the store, and I can pick some up." Yes, you can get professional products in a big box store or on and auto-ship from Amazon, but there is no guarantee that the product inside is what it is supposed to be. We fight diversion every day for many years in our industry. Professional products are only guaranteed IF they are purchased in a licensed salon. Yes, you heard me, they are guaranteed if you are buying them from me. And most of the time, the product you purchase at the big box store costs the same and sometimes more than it does from a locally owned small business. And ordering online, you will more than likely have to pay shipping costs--unless its from us where we have free shipping.

"I don't like all that stuff in my hair." Well, then you're not ever going to duplicate this style again! End of story.

Think of it this way, would you build a building without footings and a foundation? No. Then use the products because they are the foundation of an incredible style.

"They're too expensive."

Are they really? Any product I sell here is concentrated and goes a long way. I remember sending a client home with a product to "Try" for me. She was fussy about smells, and a new line I was considering had a unique aroma, and I value my client's opinions; she took the product home and used it for a few weeks. When I asked her how she liked it, the first thing out of her mouth was, "It doesn't take even 1/4 of what I was using." We decided in the conversation that followed, the smell was undesirable, and I wouldn't carry the product. Still, she went home with a professional product I recommended and loved because it ended up being cheaper in the long run due to the concentration of the product. No, over the counter products are not "professional" nor do celebrities really use them, nor do passionate professionals recommend them.

So, start to consider these things while you are flipping through Pinterest looking for that "perfect" style...and remember, most people want what they don't have...

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