25 Years!

WOW! I can't believe it has been 25 years! What an exciting time of learning and meeting and making the best lifelong friends...

"You're too young..you'll never make it 3 years in business."

That statement inspired me for the last 25 years just as it will for the next 25...


I was 23 years old and had a dream of an affordable salon and would be accommodating to more people than most. In the decade before "finding my path," I had some medical issues that made it nearly impossible to have salon services done. Most salons are set up in the minimum square footage and are therefore not handicapped accessible. I wanted handicap accessibility not only for my clients but for the stylist too, and me! I wanted a salon that made the most of everyone's time...I didn't want people to wait too long, nor did I want them to feel rushed. I desired people to leave and feel refreshed and lighter...comfortable if you will.

I dreamed of an environment that was educational for my employees and, of course, for myself. As a leader, I try to take a class each month to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. I test a wide variety of products and won't sell anything that I or someone I know has tried it to see if it really is all that it says it is. Sometimes it is...and sometimes it isn't. If it isn't, then I will not carry it or use it in the salon.

Best laid plans...

I laugh now, thinking back to what my "plan" was for the salon—mostly haircuts, with some perms and a few colors. And for special occasions, a manicure or a make-up application.

Changes Are Good...

Now 25 years later, coloring and manicures have pushed to the forefront of the service line up. In the past decade, perms had all but died off, but are making a mad dash for the front again!

Haircuts, Colors, and Perms...oh my!

From mullets to mohawks, pixies to long layers, oh how the styles have evolved in the last 25 years, but yet oddly, stayed the same! In the previous 25 years, I have changed my color lines three times, and my perm lines four. The new technology in the

chemical formulation is mind-boggling.

While they are still considered damaging, they are not at the level of what it was when I first opened. Again, I test and try everything before I use it on my general clientele. Colors are now infused with oils that condition and buffer during the process. Perms still smell bad but are more user friendly and are less damaging since they are formulated to prevent the over-processed frizzies. In fact, we can actually perm and color in the same appointment, which wasn't even heard of 25 years ago! As part of our 25th anniversary, we are offering permanent textures at up to 25% off! Book a consultation or appointment today!

And nails are where it's at...

I have always, always looked more at the health of the natural nail than enhancements. I remember as a student in beauty school, the instructors telling us that unless we traveled and ended up in a large city like New York or Los Angeles, we would probably never do acrylic nails...again, how things have changed! I started with basic manicures, and as the salon grew and I added nail techs, we began doing acrylics; then, about 15 years ago, I went back to school and took some classes on nail enhancements. Not long after that, gel nails changed the game entirely, yet again. Our nail service offering has now taken on its own identity as we offer Acrylic enhancements, gel enhancements, and natural nail care. I proudly offer these services using Creative Nail products.

Skin is what it is...

I am certified in full-body depilatory waxing for all genders. From brow waxing to toe waxing, I do it all. Facials really have been a popular service here in the salon with my demographic, but thanks to COVID, I have not been able to offer it since we can NOT perform any service within the salon that requires any client to remove their mask. It has the potential to be the hot ticket item as soon as the mask mandate is lifted. Watch the blog for a Maskne (mask+acne) post...I am researching solutions to test everyday.

So even though things have changed, one thing remains the same...I am beyond happy to come to work each day, and I love learning new techniques and products to provide you with the best possible outcome. The salon received a makeover during COVID Shutdown, and now we are in business to Make YOU over!

I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for making my business a success! THANK YOU!

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