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Angie opened the Cutting Edge in September of 1995. She had (has) a vision that everyone, regardless of what background they come from, has the right to put their best face forward in this world in which we live.  She designed the salon 100% handicap accessible for everyone. There is also a handicap station where wheelchairs can roll up and there is no chair to have to move.

Angie also thinks it is better to do a lot for a little than a little for a lot, which resulted in the $8 haircut day. So now we have walk-in haircuts on Friday's from 9-1 and 2-5 and again on Saturday from 9-1. These haircuts are available to everyone, young or old.

Angie Haler

Angie was born right here in Martin County. She was raised on a farm near Granada. After high school, she went to Minneapolis and studied Advertising Design at Brown Institute. Returning to the area to be near family, she realized there was no market for her training here at the time, so after some soul searching, she was encouraged by her Grandma to "quit wasting time and money, and go to beauty school like you were meant to!" So she attended Hairdressers Educational Center here in Fairmont. She worked at Fantastic Sam's and Mastercuts in Mankato prior to opening the salon here in Fairmont. Angie has enjoyed being a platform artist and educator for several different manufacturers in the industry. Angie's motto is "You can't stop learning until you are dead!" So rest assured that she has several hours of continuing education to help you achieve the look you desire.

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